Testing ground for servicemen

Testing ground for servicemen

TEC Campus opened in Amsterdam

Learning on the job is the most effective way to learn. Which is why VodafoneZiggo has built a copy of a house where servicemen can practice to their heart's content before visiting customers at home. Nathalie van der Niet explains what can be learned at the TEC Campus.

TEC stands for Technical Experience Centre. From the outside it looks like a normal home, but appearances deceive. In this house, every possible technical (customer) situation has been simulated a VodafoneZiggo serviceman can run into in daily practice. The campus bridges innovation and reality.

A miniature version of the entire network has been installed at the TEC Campus. Parts of the floors and the garden have been equipped with sheets of glass so you can see where cables lie. They have even added an exciting escape room, appropriately designed in a technical theme, that can be used for training purposes.

A first: the latest network
"It is a must for everyone who wants to be in the lead as to knowledge, skills and the latest gadgets. Get inspired and challenged," says Nathalie van der Niet,  team leader Training & Quality at VodafoneZiggo. "Every conceivable technique is present, cable, Wi-Fi, optical fibre, mobile, Internet of Things. The campus is also the first to have the new cable network Docsis 3.1, guaranteeing Gigabit speeds."

Most of all it is the ideal testing ground for technical personnel. "Our Installation and Maintenance department consists of over 1,300 people, internal as well as external colleagues. They are responsible for installation, service and maintenance of our technical network. Some colleagues mainly deal with plugs and cables, but most of them also have customer contact. The TEC has everything to train our people for that. In this way they come fully prepared because they have experienced all scenarios as true to life as possible."

Crucial test
The starting point of the campus is to copy the customer situation as true to life as possible. "Thorough study and input from our colleagues have proved that the best learning experience for our people is created by true-to-life training situations", says Nathalie. "The more accurate we can reproduce reality, the bigger the learning effect. We hope it will prove the perfect ultimate test for our current colleagues, but we also expect it can be a driving force for recruiting new personnel."

Unique concept
Three technical training rooms already existed, but the Technical Experience Center is really "next level", according to Nathalie. "First of all, it is far more aimed at the various practical situations. But this campus is also a lot more than just a training facility. It's suitable for a much larger target group than technical staff only. What started with an idea for a training facility with an indoor and outdoor situation, has developed into a unique concept, supported and sponsored by many departments at VodafoneZiggo. 

Talent development
All new colleagues, for example, are shown round to give them an impression of our work. Teams can use our escape room for teambuilding. We can show politicians and businesses how the techniques of the future work. There is room for seminars and workshops, for example for pupils with technical ambitions. This special campus encourages the development of talent like never before. We are rushing towards the future." 

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