Maryam and Alpha take over VodafoneZiggo

Maryam and Alpha take over VodafoneZiggo

Taking over the work of HR director Thomas Mulder for a day

‘Hi, Maryam and Alpha here. Today, we’re your boss.’ VodafoneZiggo employees received this message this morning. With ‘Baas van Morgen’ (Boss of Tomorrow), the two primary school pupils will be taking over the work of HR director Thomas Mulder.

The new bosses can immediately use their bright minds for equal opportunities in the workplace, as Thomas has presented them with a challenging question: How can we as a company bring the different religions and cultures in the workplace closer together? They don’t have to answer that brainteaser on their own, of course. Maryam and Alpha can video call their new colleagues for input on the matter, just like Thomas always does. They will then dive into a brainstorming session, and the Bosses of Tomorrow will present their advice.

Straight to the top
With the Baas van Morgen initiative, JINC is preparing young people from neighbourhoods that are socially or economically alienated from the labour market. They often have fewer role models and are more likely to encounter unemployment and poverty around them. Even more important, therefore, to help these young people feel: I’ve got the same opportunities too. This year, the theme revolves around equal opportunities in the workplace. “Origin, gender, orientation, health or religion shouldn’t have any effect on someone’s opportunities on the labour market,” says director Daniël Roos. “Everyone agrees with that, but in practice it’s difficult to wipe out.”

Different religions and cultures in the workplace
VodafoneZiggo is part of an international organisation with business locations in almost every part of the world. People from a wide range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds work together in the workplace. “We want people to be aware of each other’s cultural customs and traditions, and to understand and respect each other. That’s why we talk with each other about this all year round, and even more so during events such as Christmas, Passover and Ramadan,” according to Thomas Mulder. “VodafoneZiggo has an ambitious Diversity & Inclusion policy with four pillars: Gender, LGBTI+, Interculturality and Ability. It’s great to see that plans in the field of Interculturality have been accelerated due to preparations for the arrival of Maryam and Alpha.”

It cuts both ways
550 pupils from primary school groups 7 and 8 and the first two classes of pre-vocational secondary education (VMBO) will be taking part in the seventh edition of Baas van Morgen. They will be substituting 450 CEOs, directors and politicians. “Every year, VodafoneZiggo takes great pleasure in participating in this inspiring day organised by JINC,” mentions Thomas Mulder. “Above all because I hope we can give Maryam and Alpha a large dose of self-confidence, energy, and a broad horizon, but also because my colleagues and I can also learn something new from their fresh outlook and open-mindedness.”