The direct negative environmental impact by VodafoneZiggo is mainly caused by the network, the mobility of our employees and our buildings. The indirect environmental impact is caused by media boxes, Wi-Fi transmitters and mobile phones. The network is responsible for 85% of our power consumption. Our environmental programme is part of our People Planet Progress ambition. It consists of over 60 different project with three goals:

  1. Improve our operational activities. For example by implementing energy-saving measures, doing more circular business and by doing so, reducing waste streams.
  2. Enabling our customers to be more environmental-friendly. For example by buying back used phones to give them a second life, by clarifying the effect of our environmental-friendly Internet of Things connections with the campaign ‘Less CO2 thanks to ICT’ and by stimulating ‘smart working’.
  3. Inspiring our employees to work and live environmental-friendly. For example by using public transport.


- Energy consumption: VodafoneZiggo uses wind energy for 100% of its electricity needs.

- Carbon footprint: VodafoneZiggo aims for a carbon-neutral service provision and is a member of the climate coalition.

- Harmful substances: VodafoneZiggo uses no harmful substances. We do use coolants, however, for air conditioning units in the shops for example. Our internal programmes focus on reducing the amount of coolants used.

- Circularity: Vodafone offers customers the possibility to reuse or recycle existing communication devices. We take care of the entire end-to-end process. As to Ziggo services, ownership of the equipment lies with Ziggo. All consumer customers are obliged to return the equipment to Ziggo upon cancelling their subscription.

-Dematerialization: apart from providing services, VodafoneZiggo can also stimulate dematerialization together with business customers in other areas as well. For example by stimulating working from home (smarter working) but also using ICT to improve the efficiency of services.

- Avoiding waste: like with dematerialization, VodafoneZiggo is able to develop programmes, in which the role of ICT is mainly supportive, together with business customers with the aim to reduce waste.


The progress of our performance with regard to our carbon footprint, energy consumption and recycling and reuse of waste is reported on a yearly basis.

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