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    Customers to be given even more flexibility with Ziggo: internet-only subscriptions complete the range

    18 mei 2021

    As of today, new and existing customers have even more choice when putting together their subscription package with Ziggo. The new internet-only subscriptions are the most stripped-down subscriptions of them all; other subscriptions offer combinations with a wide choice of television and telephony options.

    With these new subscriptions, Ziggo is keeping apace with the changing needs of new and existing customers in order to offer more flexibility. The new internet-only subscriptions are the cheapest in the current range.

    Koen Cluistra, B2C Marketing Director for VodafoneZiggo: “We’re always looking at the developments in the market and want to have an appropriate solution for every customer. There is a demand for a product where you only pay for internet, especially among young people. With the new internet-only subscriptions that we’re offering as of today, customers will have fast and stable internet for a lower price.”

    Overview new subscriptions.PNG

    With the new internet subscriptions, customers will receive access to GigaNet: Vodafone and Ziggo’s powerful network. Customers who combine both Vodafone and Ziggo products receive lots of extra benefits free of charge. With the new internet subscriptions, customers will also receive access to plenty of extra benefits, with the exception of the free additional TV package.