VodafoneZiggo can be contacted in the following ways:

Are you a customer of VodafoneZiggo and do you have any questions about our products and services? Please visit:

Vodafone Customer Service

Ziggo Customer Service

Hollandsnieuwe Customer Service

088 717 37 79

Journalists and editors with press inquiries about VodafoneZiggo can contact Corporate Communications directly, using the details provided below of the spokespersons with their respective fields of interest. General press questions and/or editorial requests for information are also welcome in the press mailbox: pers@vodafoneziggo.com.

For urgent questions - including outside of office hours - you can reach the press officers of VodafoneZiggo 24/7 on telephone number +31 88 717 0717. This telephone number is exclusively meant for press enquiries. Customer questions will not be processed there.


Spokespeople VodafoneZiggo:

Annick Bettink
CSR, Strategy, Impact Report

Nina Moers
HR, Entertainment, Ziggo Sport

Ronald van der Aart (a.i.)
Technology, 5G, Netwerk, Finance

Farisa el Moussaoui
External & Legal Affairs

Maxim Linders
B2B Vodafone & Ziggo, B2C Vodafone & Ziggo, Customer Operations